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3 Signs You Need Garage Door Repair
It’s easy to take your garage door for granted when it’s working properly, but when it malfunctions it becomes a source of frustration and a real obstacle to going about your routine. If you can’t get your car out of your garage at home, or you can’t open your business’ garage door to unload new shipments, you have a serious problem. Fortunately, our team at HLM Garage Doors & More, LLC is here to help you deal with these malfunctions and get your garage doors working properly once again. In this article, we’ll go over three signs that you need garage door repair to help you act quickly at the first hint of trouble and avoid any serious problems.

  • Strange Sounds- One sign that you need garage door repair is the mechanism making strange noises. For example, a rumbling sound can indicate a problem with the torsion springs, and a grinding noise can indicate that the door isn’t sitting correctly in the track. Our team can help identify the specific problem based on the nature of the sound, but overall, we encourage you to pay attention to any new sounds from your garage door’s mechanism, as they usually indicate trouble on the horizon.
  • Poor Balance- Another sign that you probably need garage door repair is your door being out of balance. The springs on each side of your door should be bearing the load equally, and if they’re not, this can lead to the over-stressed spring snapping, or to premature failure of your opening mechanism. If your garage door looks like it’s sagging, or if one side is higher than the other, we encourage you to call our team to have it checked out.

Failure to Open or Close- Lastly, you definitely need garage door repair if the door gets stuck or can no longer open or close. This problem can result from a few different causes, including a problem with the opener, or the cables becoming worn out. Our team has the right experience to determine the root cause and correct the issue, so we encourage you to give us a call right away if this happens to you.