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5 Reasons to Use a Universal Garage Door Remote

Garage doors, while a necessary part of many houses, can be a real hassle to deal with. They can be difficult to open, costly to repair, and even a security risk. Fortunately the solution to these hassles is simple: a universal garage door remote. Garage door remotes automate the most tedious and difficult parts of using a garage door. Here are 5 reasons why you should use a universal garage door remote:

  1. Save Your Back– Manually opening and shutting a garage door can be difficult and require significant physical strength. This can put a lot of pressure and wear on your back, especially if you already have mobility issues. With a universal garage door remote and automatic opener, however, this exhausting task is done for you at the mere push of a button.
  2. Save Your Money– Your garage door is used by you and your family nearly every day and sees a lot of wear-and-tear as a result. Manual garage doors run the risk of being damaged by people opening them too harshly or unevenly, and no one wants to have to pay to have it repaired. With a universal garage door remote and automatic opener, your garage door is opened smoothly and safely every time, reducing the stress put on the hardware.
  3. Home Security- A manual garage door can be opened by anyone, but an automatic door can only be opened with the garage door remote. Rest easy knowing that your home is secure.
  4. Guaranteed Safety– Many people worry about using an automatic garage door opener because they have pets or children who might try to run under a door while it’s closing, but you have no need to worry. All new garage door openers have a sensor that stops the door from closing if it senses a person or animal in the way, keeping your family and pets safe.
  5. Time-Saving Convenience– No one wants the hassle of parking their car, getting out, opening the garage door, driving in, and then closing the door again before heading inside. With a universal garage door remote, you never have to leave your vehicle to get into or out of your garage. Simply push the button to open, drive in, and push again to close.