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universal garage door remoteIt finally happened — the remote to your garage door opener has completely worn out. You always worried this day would come and you would have no idea how to get the right one for your opener. Don’t worry because a universal garage door remote will solve the problem! You might even be glad your old remote failed. In fact, if it is still working, you may want to “accidentally” drop it or drive over it. Yes, that’s how good a universal garage door remote can be.

Your remote probably only did one thing – open and close the garage door. A universal garage door remote can do more. For example, it can be programmed to open more than one garage door and it can work in conjunction with the appropriate light switch to put lights on in your garage or home

A universal garage door remote works with most newer openers, but you’ll need to know the brand of yours so you can check to make sure it will work. This is easy information to find so you won’t need to purchase the remote only to find out it won’t operate yours. If you do find that it won’t, the most likely reason is you have a very old garage door opener and you might want to consider changing that out as well.

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