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Commercial Door Installation: What Type is Best for Your Business?

If your business is in need of a new garage door, you may be wondering about the latest styles and trends. When it comes to commercial door installation, there are several factors to consider. Commercial doors need to provide security and privacy for all who enter a commercial space and while a standard door can do the trick, there are styles that work best for different types of businesses.  

  • Warehouse. A steel sectional door is among the strongest available and works great if your business is in a warehouse that has a lot of large vehicle traffic and heavy machinery. Steel doors require minimal maintenance, can hold up to strong winds and weather, and are very energy efficient, especially if you opt for an insulated door.
  • Car Wash, Auto Dealership, or Restaurant. Aluminum sectional doors are strong and have large windows that provide ample light and visibility from both inside and out. They are also lightweight and non-corrosive and are an excellent option for a car wash, auto dealership or restaurant.
  • Hospital, School, or Retail. When it comes to commercial door installation, a security shutter door is excellent for hospitals, schools, or retail businesses, because this type of door is very strong and secure and able to prevent forced entry. It is also perfect for areas with low headroom and comes in different designs with options for varying degrees of airflow and visibility. 
  • Hotel or Healthcare Facility. Hotels and healthcare facilities have special requirements as far as commercial door installation. Occupants often spend time in overnight hours in hotels and healthcare facilities, and if a fire alarm is activated, a rolling fire door will automatically close. This feature keeps fire and smoke in an enclosed space and protects the rest of the building while allowing occupants to escape.
  • Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities. A high speed door may be the correct choice for your business if you require high security and doors that open and close quickly.

When the time comes for a new commercial door installation but you aren’t sure what type would best fit your needs, please give us a call at HLM Garage Doors & More, LLC. We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you to find the perfect solution!