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How Weather Can Lead to Garage Door Repair

When you’re inside your home during the middle of a storm or escaping from the heat of a hot summer day, you’re probably not thinking about what might be happening to your garage door. Garage doors act as a layer of protection and security to whatever you might store in your garage; cars, bikes, boxes– everything in your garage is kept safe by your garage door. But even though your possessions might be protected, that might not be true for your garage door. The weather could lead to the need for garage door repair sooner than you expected.

  • Heat: The bright rays from the sun can cause small problems or lead to bigger problems. There are times on hot days when your garage door might not close. Why? Because the heat can affect the garage door system, or the sun can trick the door opener into thinking that something is obstructing the intended path. A bigger issue that could lead to garage door repair is metal expanding from the heat, which can block the sensors and misalign the rails.
  • Rain: Garage doors made out of wood are especially susceptible to being affected by rain, as the moisture can make them swell and get caught between the railings and frames. The swelling can also lead to an increase in weight, which can cause damage and put strain on the system that opens your garage door.
  • Snow and ice: If water gets in between the seals and the floor of your garage door, freezing temperatures can turn that moisture into ice. Damage can occur to the system and parts of the door opener when your frozen garage door is opened. Ways to avoid major garage door repair can include replacing any damaged weather seals, heating the garage, and making sure the seals and rails are properly lubricated.

The weather can affect your garage door, but it won’t affect our team at HLM Garage Doors & More, LLC. Call us for any garage door repairs you need!