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Three Common Commercial Door Repairs

If you are considering new commercial doors for your facility, you may be wondering if they will actually provide better security and functionality at your business. Fortunately, new commercial door installation can really help to improve the interior and exterior of your building. It is important to note, however, that all commercial doors will need repairs at some point, and you can be prepared for a few of the common ones so your doors offer long-lasting efficiency and support. Here are three of the most common commercial door repairs:

  1. Hardware – You grab the handle to pull the door upwards just like you’ve done every day for the past year, and “pop!” — the handle comes off in your hand. Commercial door repair often comes in the form of small things like hardware malfunctions, where you simply need a replacement part to get things going again.
  2. Alignment – Another common commercial door repair is for the alignment, which can become problematic if left unattended. Not only does improper door alignment make it more difficult to open and close your door, but it can also affect the safety and security of your building throughout the day. Having a professional provide realignment services can help get your doors back on track.
  3. Sealing – A third commercial door repair (that can sometimes go unnoticed for too long) is the way your door seals. From the flap at the bottom to the weather stripping on the sides, the sealing of your door affects the inside temperature of your facility and protects against outside weather. If you’ve noticed a draft coming from your commercial doors, it may be time to have your seals looked at.

At HLM Garage Doors & More, LLC, we are equipped to provide both small and large commercial door repair services at your facility. Contact us today to discuss your commercial door problem, and we’ll be happy to assist you with all your garage door needs.