Three Signs You Should Schedule a Garage Door Replacement

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Your garage door is doubly tasked with safeguarding your belongings while also serving an aesthetic purpose as a focal point of your home’s exterior. As your garage door ages and experiences day-to-day wear and tear, it will likely develop repair needs that could cause safety, functionality, or aesthetic concerns and, at some point, warrant a replacement.

Three Signs You Should Schedule a Garage Door Replacement

If you’re curious whether you’re due for a garage door replacement, here are three clues that this service might be in your future:

  1. Increased energy bills: Older models of garage doors can be constructed and made of materials that poorly insulate this area of your home. If you suspect your garage door is allowing an excess of heat or cooled air to escape and a spike in your utility bills is reflecting it, this could be a sign to get a replacement that has improved insulation.
  2. Noticeable damage: If your garage door is showing signs of visible wear and tear, for example, cracks, dents, or flaking paint, you might want to begin considering getting a replacement.
  3. Not functioning correctly: One of the main purposes of your garage door is to effectively protect your home and belongings. If your garage door is failing to open and close properly and it doesn’t seem to be caused by the opener itself, that’s a good indication that you should schedule garage door replacement services in the near future.

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