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Top Signs You Need Emergency Garage Door Repair

As a home or business owner, there are some things you can’t take for granted. If your garage door fails to close, you start to panic since it’s a security risk. In such a situation, an emergency garage door repair will save the day. Here are other signs you shouldn’t ignore.

  • The door opens unexpectedly. If this happens, don’t use the door because the motor or other components needs to be inspected by professionals like us at HLM Garage Doors & More, LLC. Our highly skilled technicians are available to provide you 24/7 emergency garage door repair services.
  • Inconsistent movement. Sometimes, you may need to make multiple attempts to open or shut your garage door. If such a problem persists, your door may fail to work completely. To avoid inconveniences, our team will come to inspect and repair it in time.
  • Misaligned doors. Generally, most modern garage doors have cables that make movements up and down smooth. Over time, these cables break or become weak. This is a sign that the cables need to be replaced or repaired.
  • Excess noise. If you start noticing unusual noises, there could be an underlying issue that needs attention before it is too late. In some cases, it could be a damaged motor. Our technicians will inspect it and advise on what to do, either to repair or replace it.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our experts are available seven days a week to provide emergency garage door repair services in Mooresville, Lake Norman, and Statesville, North Carolina.