Why Emergency Garage Door Repair Is Important [infographic]

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A broken garage door is inconvenient to say the least. But beyond that, a malfunctioning garage door can subject your home or business to a variety of serious risks, so it’s important to address the issue right away. Here are a few specific reasons to call for emergency garage door repair:

  • Protect Yourself from Injuries- Depending on their size, material, thickness, and other features, garage doors can weigh anywhere from 80 to 350 pounds. If your garage door’s torsion spring were to break, all that weight would come crashing down, causing potential injury to anyone who finds themselves under the door or in its vicinity. Garage doors are dangerous, so they should be repaired as soon as possible.

Why Emergency Garage Door Repair Is Important

  • Prevent Theft and Break-Ins- If your garage door won’t shut securely, it can leave your home or business vulnerable to criminal activity. Thieves can easily enter your garage and steal what they want. An open garage makes it even easier for intruders to access the main part of your home or building where valuable items are stored or your family may be sleeping. Luckily, emergency garage door repair allows you to address these risks.
  • Come and Go as You Please- While not an emergency in the traditional sense, having a garage door that won’t open is a major problem if you usually park inside your garage. It may prevent you from making it to important meetings or other obligations. So even if your safety and security are not at risk, emergency garage door repair matters for your ability to get in and out as needed.