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Top Signs You Need a Garage Door Repair

Is your garage door acting up? It can be hard to tell if you’re in need of a garage door repair. Luckily, our team at HLM Garage Doors & Moore, LLC is here to guide you. Here are the top signs you need a garage door repair.

  • Delayed Response – When you click the button to open your garage, your garage door should open right away. If you notice that your garage door is having a delay, then you may be having problems with your garage door opener.
  • Sagging – It is suggested that you test the balance of your garage door once a year. When you conduct this test, you will bring your garage door to the halfway point between open and close. The door should be able to sustain its position. If it falls then you have a sagging issue. This issue could be in result of tensions springs or other door components malfunctioning.
  • Excess Noise – Is your garage door unusually loud when you open and close it? If so, you may want to call a professional for a garage door repair. Garage doors make noise when they open and close, but they should not be significantly loud. This could be due to your springs or opener not working properly.
  • Door Won’t Open or Close – If your garage door isn’t opening or closing, this is an obvious sign that you need to have a garage door repair. A professional will be able to detect the issue and resolve the problem.
  • Off Tracks – When a garage door is damaged, it can result in your garage door coming off its tracks. If you notice this, call a professional immediately.

We hope these signs can help you determine if you need garage door repair. If you have any questions regarding garage door repairs and other services we provide, please contact us at HLM Garage Doors & More, LLC.