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Dangers of DIY Garage Door Repair

Like any appliance, garage doors experience wear-and-tear over time and need occasional repairs and maintenance. Your garage door may have frayed cables, busted sensors, or most commonly broken springs. The springs on your garage door experience the most wear because every time the door is opened or shut, it changes the tension on the springs and they become strained. Strained springs may snap and need to be replaced, but replacing them yourself can be dangerous.

Attempting garage door repair yourself is dangerous, especially when it comes to the springs. It’s very difficult to replace the springs, and you run the risk of doing it incorrectly, which can cause even more problems and cost you more money in the long run. Worse yet, the springs can snap or uncoil unexpectedly and violently, which can lead to injury.

Another danger in DIY garage door repair is falling doors. Garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds, and if a repair is done improperly, it can cause the door to come crashing down. Even if you’re lucky and the door doesn’t hit a person or animal, it can still cause damage to your home.

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