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We rely on our garage doors to work consistently and correctly, often more than we rely on our front doors! Because a commercial door is crucial to many parts of commercial properties, you want to make sure that you get ahead of repairs rather than being forced to stop business or alter things because of a commercial door repair that has made itself a necessity. If you have a commercial door, then you need to watch out for these signs that can indicate a commercial door repair is coming up.

commercial door repair that has made itself a necessity

  • Door opens or closes too quickly. Most commercial properties tend to complain about a door opening too slowly rather than too quickly, but this is also an issue that can mean a commercial door repair is in your future. When a door opens or closes too quickly, it can mean that there is an issue with the tension, which can be dangerous and needs attention.
  • Noise, noise, noise! Channel your inner Dr. Seuss “Grinch” and notice all the noise, noise, noise! While you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a silent commercial door, if it is noisier than before, you might want to call in for a commercial door repair.
  • Uneven lift. A garage door of any type needs to lift from both sides and should do so evenly and equally. If one side is going faster or slower than the other, a commercial door repair is needed.  

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