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We tackle garage door installation as part of construction and renovation projects, as well as to replace damaged or worn components.

When a garage is constructed as part of a residential or commercial project, one of the final steps in the process is garage door installation. The door provides vital protection from changing climate conditions and potential theft, creating a secure space for your valuable items. At HLM Garage Doors & More, LLC, we offer garage door installation services in and around Mooresville, North Carolina. Our team of experienced and highly trained technicians can tackle the process, ensuring that your door is installed properly and will function as it should.

Garage Door Installation in Mooresville, North Carolina

We tackle garage door installation as part of construction and renovation projects, as well as for instances where you need an old door replaced. If we’re performing a replacement service, you can count on us to remove and dispose of the old door, as well as add any new trim elements or offer personalized service to give you the final product you want. We offer a wide range of garage door hardware and accessories from top brands in the industry, so we’re confident that we’ll have the door you’ve been looking to add to your home.

In addition to offering our garage door installation and replacement services to residential clients, we provide service to commercial clients in the area as well. You don’t have to worry about working with multiple contractors or wondering when the work will be done. Our technicians are experts in what they do and take pride in delivering high-quality service from start to finish.

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