Garage Door Installation: What to Expect [infographic]

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Whether you’re having your home custom-built for you or you need to replace your aging garage door, you’ll need a garage door company you can trust. Luckily, our team at HLM Garage Doors & More, LLC can offer our services. If you’ve never had to schedule garage door installation for yourself before, you might be wondering what the process looks like. We’re here to tell you what you can expect.

Garage Door Installation: What to Expect

  1. On-Site Evaluation- We always start with a free consultation and on-site evaluation for your convenience. During this step, we’ll determine the right size for your garage door and help you choose the most suitable material or style for your needs.
  2. Delivery and Prep- When you’ve selected your garage door or doors, we’ll schedule a day for delivery and await its arrival. On installation day, we ask that you clear the area around your garage to remove any objects that might obstruct our installers’ path.
  3. Garage Door Installation- Our skilled and reliable technicians will remove your old door, if applicable, and begin installing the new parts and panels with attention to detail. We’ll make sure everything is aligned properly.
  4. Garage Door Opener Installation- When the time comes to install the electric opener, our technicians will handle this task with extreme care to ensure your safety and the reliability of your garage door.
  5. Testing and Cleanup- Garage doors are heavy and can be dangerous, so meticulous testing is an extremely important part of garage door installation. We will also clean up the site before going on our way.